About Us

KMG Property Maintenance provides exceptional service to real estate agencies and home owners in Metro Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs. At KMG we understand that life is crazy enough without having to worry about holes in your walls or loose door handles. That is why we are passionate about providing fast and efficient service with remarkable results, so that you can get back to enjoying your life without worry.

Experience Matters – With over 30 years combined experience within the construction industry, it is hard to believe that the founder of KMG and head tradesman Koda Khadour, started this business from the back of a Honda Accord. Over the past few years KMG has grown into a multifaceted property maintenance company, servicing a number of real estate businesses and individual home owners.

Why choose KMG
We at KMG pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, high quality work. Whether your job is patching a hole, digging a trench or painting your house, we treat all of our work with the same attention to detail and superbness.

  • Our experience with tradesmen jobs big and small means we are well equipped to tackle any job that arises at your property with consistency
  • Our attention to detail ensures that all work is completed at a premium standard that maintains the high end value of your property
  • We offer complete transparency with our clients, ensuring our work meets the highest of expectations
  • Quotes and jobs are booked promptly and efficiently thanks to our administration team, meaning you aren’t left waiting around weeks with no idea
  • We off unlimited free quotes to ensure you understand what needs to be addressed at your property

Our Team

Koda Khadour
Company Director

Koda Khadour created KMG Property Maintenance whilst working from the back of a Honda Civic. Fast forward a few years and KMG has grown into a quality, multi-faceted business. Koda is your go-to man for all jobs big and small. With his experience, extreme attention to detail and passion for producing exceptional work, you are guaranteed to have your highest of expectations met.

Jemma Price
Operations Manager

Having left her previous career managing gyms, Jemma began with KMG Property Maintenance originally to help with the administration that began piling up. With a focus on growing the business, Jemma has moved into the role of operations manager and is in charge of all planning and administrative work. Jemma prioritises customer satisfaction and has a strong work ethic that makes her an invaluable member of KMG Property Maintenance.

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